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Yard Maintenance



We offer different maintenance services to ensure every aspect of your yard looks flawless all year long. We offer yard clean-ups, eavestrough cleaning, and power washing year-round to keep everything looking neat and tidy. Additionally, we offer Regular Lawn Maintenance in the spring and summer months, and Snow Removal in the winter months. 


Our yard clean-ups are done using gas leaf blowers, rakes, and any other hand tools that are needed. We have our main clean-up seasons in the fall and spring, but we complete them year-round. Our eavestrough cleaning and power washing services are completed using professional equipment and a well-trained and experienced crew. 


Our maintenance services are priced at an hourly rate based on how many team members we will need to complete the job. Our yard clean-ups also include a fee per bags needed and an extra disposal fee if you choose that option. We will give you a time and crew size estimate in person before completing the work, so there are no surprises.

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